Sample Party Bus and Tour Bus Insurance Claims

More Reasons that You need Insurance

Why is it hard to find fashion truck insurance?

Before we look at sample claims, let’s look at the a key factor of commercial auto insurance. Not all commercial auto insurance is created equally. In the case of businesses that allows customers to enter the vehicle, you want to remember that most commercial auto insurance does not allow for this

In fact, the main difficulty for mobile retail and fashion truck businesses is that a majority of commercial auto insurance companies simply do not offer coverage for your industry. That’s why you have come here to the Stratum Insurance Agency tour bus insurance website – We can help mobile stores  around the country.

Sample General Liability Claims

Things can happen off the vehicle that can lead to claims.  A classic example is that a person has just exited your vehicle and slips and falls.  The words "slip and fall" seem to go hand in hand with general liability insurance. Since the slip and fall situation took...

Commercial Auto Insurance Claims

The most obvious type of claim for a fashion truck may be an auto accident.  Think of all of the people that could sue you in a claim: The drivers of the other car that you hit could sue you for injuries sustained in an accident The passengers in your vehicle could...